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In Effect as of November 5, 2020
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Along with “Privacy Policy and Your Privacy Rights”, including the supplemental information provided in: “How We Use Cookies and Similar Technology”, “Copyright Policy & Infringement Claims and Counterclaims”, “Earnings Disclosure and Disclaimer”, and “Comment Policy & Rules,” this  FTC Compliance Notice is an important part of our Terms of Use and is incorporated by reference.


SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com uses affiliate links, paid content, sponsored content, and ads to generate revenue (make money).


What is an FTC compliance notice?

The FTC requires websites that contain advertising to:

  1. prominently display notice of that fact and to state the notice in such a way as to be clear to readers: and
  2. clearly mark all forms of advertising, including paid endorsements, as such.

What is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the U.S. agency that oversees fairness in advertising. Their truth-in-advertising principle contains the following three rules:

  1. An endorsement must be honest and not misleading.
  2. An endorsement must reflect the honest opinion of the endorser.
  3. An endorsement can not make a claim that the product’s marketer can not legally make.

Additionally, from the FTC’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”, section 255.1 (a):

“Endorsements must reflect the honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experience of the endorser. Furthermore, an endorsement may not convey any express or implied representation that would be deceptive if made directly by the advertiser”.

We follow (comply with) the FTC’s rules and guidelines.

What is an endorsement?

a recommendation for a product or service

What is an affiliate?

affiliate (noun): someone officially associated with a larger body, such as an organization or business

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a special type of link. It identifies the affiliate and allows the affiliate to earn a reward (usually a commission) if someone;

  1. clicks the link: and
  2. goes to the site and performs a desired action, such as buying the recommended product or signing up to receive a newsletter.

Are there affiliate links on SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com?

Yes. Some of our content contains affiliate links. Affiliate links on SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com are always clearly marked with “affiliate link”. And, in each place we have an affiliate link, we also provide a non-affiliate link.

Note: buying through an affiliate link doesn’t cost you extra money. It just tells the company you want them to share a bit of the profit they made on that item, with the affiliate who recommended it to you.

How can I recognize affiliate links on other sites?

All affiliate links are legally required to be clearly marked, but not all website owners know that.

If you’re reading an endorsement for a product or service and the endorsement includes a link to the product or service, you can safely assume the website owner will profit in some way if you click the link and take the recommended action.

(You’ll be right more often than not).

What is paid content?

Think of this type of content as a really long ad. Someone either:

  1. paid the owner of an online business to write and publish content about a product or service: or
  2. paid the owner of an online business to publish  prewritten content.

Note: Some website owners use the terms “contributed posts” or “guest posts” for prewritten paid content and do not reveal the paid nature of the content.

Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet does not use the term “contributed posts”. If/when we have guest posts, they will not be paid content. We never fail to disclose the nature of our content, especially when we could benefit from it financially.

SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com may have paid content in the future. If so, the preceding sentence will be edited to: “SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com has paid content”. Additionally, each piece of paid content – if ever there is any – will be clearly marked as such.

What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is content about a product or service an online business owner has been given for free, or at a discount, in exchange for his/her honest review of it.

The online business owner doesn’t make money, but the item is legally considered a type of income. Therefore, the online business owner is legally required to  tell you s/he got the item for free or at a discount.

SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com may have sponsored content in the future. If so, the preceding sentence will be edited to: “SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com has sponsored content”. Additionally, each piece of sponsored content – if ever there is any – will be clearly marked as such.

What is a sponsored giveaway or contest?

Sponsored giveaways and contests are one form of sponsored content.

Sometimes, a merchant gives an online business owner a product for free to use in a giveaway or as a contest prize. Usually, the online business owner is given two of the product: one to give away in the event and one to keep, as “payment” for hosting the event.

SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com may have sponsored giveaways and/or contests in the future. If so, the preceding sentence will be edited to something like: “SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com has sponsored giveaways and/or contests”. Additionally, each sponsored giveaway and/or contest – if ever there are any – will be clearly marked as such.

More ways we make it obvious when we might make income from content

For each piece of content that contains an affiliate link, Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet places a notice near the top of the post. The notice is usually placed immediately following the first paragraph. When that isn’t possible, the notice is placed as close to the top of the post as possible. In either case, the notice is quite visible and hard to miss.

When it may not be obvious an ad is an ad, it will be clearly marked as an ad.

Why we use or may use affiliate links, paid content, sponsored content, and ads

The money we earn from affiliate links, paid content, sponsored content, and ads helps us pay our bills and the expenses of running and maintaining Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet.

That’s how it’s possible for us to work full-time on Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet and still be able to provide all of our content to our readers for free.

Our promises to you

1. When we would, could or have profit(ed) from anything on Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet, whether on SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com or elsewhere, we let you know.

2. We tell you the truth – the full truth, good and bad – about every product and service we recommend.

3. Rarely, very rarely, we recommend a product or service we haven’t used ourselves. When we do this, we tell you:

a. that we haven’t used it ourselves: and
b. why we believe in it: and
c. why we haven’t used it.

4. Every piece of content we publish – including content that did, does or might profit us financially – contains our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.

5. Our recommendations have;

  • no bs
  • no pretty promises
  • no surprise gotchas
    • no “opportunities” only the rich can afford
    • no steps it takes a degree in computer science to understand

6. We never – ever – put making money above what’s in the best interest of our readers.

Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet’s main interest, number one goal, and driving passion, is – and always will be – to help our readers learn how to truly make excellent amounts of money online.

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