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Last Edited / Last Revised on October 29, 2020
In Effect as of November 5, 2020
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Minor editing for clarity. No substantial changes.

This Comment Policy and Rules is part of our Terms of Use, which is a legally binding agreement between you and us. To use our site and other parts of our service, both of the following statements must be true:

1. You are not unable to enter into legally binding Agreements due to being under the minimum legal age of adulthood and/or for any other reason(s); and
2. You are not a citizen of, and/or are not accessing this site from, any area outside of the United States of America that nullifies, voids, has laws incompatible with, or in any way enables you not to be bound by, even one of the terms in this Terms of Use.

If even one of the above statements is not true for you, you are forbidden to use SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com and any other part of our service. However, not using our service will not disadvantage you, since content and services similar to or greater than what we provide is available elsewhere on the internet. As for personal opinions and details of personal experiences, there’s a wealth of both on the internet.

If even one of the above statements is not true for you, you must close this page now, not return to SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com and refrain from using any other part of our service until such time (if ever) as both of the numbered statements above are true for you.

Incorporated by reference
Along with “Privacy Policy and Your Privacy Rights”, including the supplemental information provided in: “How We Use Cookies and Similar Technology”, “FTC Compliance Notice”, “Earnings Disclosure and Disclaimer”, and “Copyright Policy & Infringement Claims and Counterclaims”, this “Comment Policy & Rules” is an important part of our Terms of Use and is incorporated by reference.

Though we hope you will, you are under no obligation to comment. If you choose to do so, you may use a non-personally-identifiable nickname instead of your real name. The name you choose will be displayed with your comment. Your email address is required for spam protection, but it is not displayed.

We want to alert you, before you submit a comment, that we claim the right not to delete any comment, ever, unless we’re legally required to do so. That means any comment you make may exist for as long as Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet does – possibly longer.

Help us out? If you know of, or become aware of, any law anywhere in the world you KNOW (not “suspect” or “think”) gives people the right to have their comments removed, please contact us via our Contact Form and let us know. We’d be very sad if we had to delete such helpful content, but if anyone anywhere has this legal right, we’ll extend it to all our users.

What happens when you post a comment
In an attempt to prevent spam and grossly offensive comments from being posted, many comments will be held for manual review. We also have our settings configured to automatically send comments containing certain words to the trash bin. This means two things will happen and a third is likely to happen:

1. There can be a delay between the time you comment and the time it’s posted, especially if it’s the first comment you’ve made and when you comment from a different computer or device. The delay might be considerable if none of us are available to review comments for several hours. (And, in the event of illness, emergency, “act of God,” or other real life unpleasantness, it could be a week or more.)
2. Some innocent comments will wind up in the trash and may not be seen for days, or worse, they could accidentally be deleted.
3. At least some spam or other objectionable material is likely to get through.

Rules for comments

1. Be respectful and courteous, even if you’re voicing disagreement.
2. We welcome constructive criticism (suggestions for improvement) about all parts of our service, including our posts. However, don’t post any criticism to or about another user or about any content s/he’s submitted.
3. “Name calling”, harassment, victimization, “flaming”, “roasting”, or taunting, even “in jest” is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
4. Don’t include PII about yourself unless you intend for it to be public and don’t post PII about anyone else, anything that violates proprietary or any other rights or is in any other way illegal, or anything that condones or encourages anything illegal.
* 5. Read the post before asking a question about it. If the answer to your question is in the post, our only reply will be something like: “answered in the post.”
* 6. Read the other comments before asking a question about the post or the topic of the post. You may find your question has already been asked and answered. If you ignore this rule and ask a question we’ve already answered, expect a reply from us (or other users) similar to: “previously asked and answered.”
7. Stay on topic.
8. Any assertions or claims you make should be based on easily-verifiable fact or supported by evidence which you should cite in your comment. It’s fine to share your opinion or personal experience, just make it clear when that’s what you’re doing.
9. Unless a clear and obvious exception is stated on a post, links or URLs for commercial content, images (not including avatars), advertising, branding (not including avatars), promoting, promotional content, and mention or recommendation of paid products and services of any kind, including training and courses, or the people or entities who offer them are forbidden.
10. If you use a nickname instead of your real name, use the same nickname each time you comment.
11. For your avatar, you must use any one of the following:

  • a default image provided by our commenting platform;
  • a business or personal logo or icon you own all legal rights to, or a photo of yourself which you own all legal rights to and which contains no copyrighted content or other people;
  • a photo you have taken yourself and own all legal rights to, of a non-copyrighted and non-copyrightable object; or
  • a caricature or other piece of art which you own all legal rights to.

Cautionary note for avatars: If you choose to use a photo of yourself as your avatar, be careful the photo doesn’t reveal more about you or your personal life than you intended.

* A personal message from Sharon (the creator of Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet):

To any ‘snowflakes’ who expect to breeze through this site carried by the winds of everyone’s efforts but their own: piss off. If you’re too lazy or “important” to spend your time reading what’s right in front of your eyes, what makes you think we, or other readers, want to spend ours repeating it? Run off to your ‘safe space,’ snowflakes, you can’t sit with us.

To everyone else: I know – because I’ve done all of this myself – how easy it is to;
1. overlook a comment, especially when it’s nested in a comment thread or you didn’t realize the comments continued on another page: and
2. miss an answer in a long comment because you didn’t realize the comment could be expanded: and
3. misunderstand or not understand information in a post that isn’t worded or formatted well: and
4. do your best, but miss something because you were tired or distracted.

The snowflake part of this message isn’t directed toward readers who unintentionally miss or don’t understand something. I love you guys: ask all the questions you want! (And please sit with us: we’d love your company).

No, the snowflake part of this message is addressed solely to the “precious darlings” who make comments like: I didn’t read all the comments, so I apologize if this has already been answered, but [insert question].”

You know who they are – they’re the ones who genuinely believe including an insincere apology justifies their entitled behavior and will be quick to tell me “You should drink bleach and kys!” [“kill yourself”] because I’ve called them out on their bullsh**. (They’re real charmers, those snowflakes.)

end of personal message

Consequences for rule breakers
Commenters who break the rules or make any commenting area(s) less friendly and conducive to sharing ideas and information may be subject to any or all of the following;

  • a friendly warning,
  • a stern warning,
  • screening of all comments, temporarily or permanently,
  • blocking of his/her computer(s) and/or device(s) from SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com and/or blocking him/her from interacting with us on social media,
  • immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of any content submitted by him/her,
  • legal proceedings against him/her for reimbursement of all losses and costs on an indemnity basis (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) resulting from the rule violation(s) and/or further legal action against him/her,
  • disclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities or other relevant third parties as we feel is reasonably necessary: and
  • any other action we deem appropriate.

In relation to any commenting area, please note that when a comment in a thread is deleted, all of its subsequent replies may also be automatically deleted. This means that some of your comments may be deleted because they were placed in response to a comment that violated our rules for comments.

Please keep your comments within the rules so they aren’t removed from the comment area, and so the replies of others will remain.

Miscellaneous and disclaimers
We had to think a long time to come up with a scenario in which we wouldn’t want comments, but we did finally manage to come up with one. So… we reserve the right not to make commenting available on certain or all posts on SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com and/or to temporarily or permanently disallow further commenting on any posts at any time for any reason.

We don’t guarantee availability or operability of the commenting service.

For long comments, our program may show only the first 70-80 words (or less). Readers will have the option though, to expand a long comment to its full length.

We reserve the right to edit comments, though you agree we do not have any obligation to do so.

You agree that we are not responsible for the online or offline conduct of any user of our site and that we are not responsible for the way anyone other than us interacts with or uses your comments. SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com isn’t a membership site, which means everything on the site is accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Please keep this in mind and be sure, before you submit or post your comment, you don’t mind everything in it being visible to a wide and diverse audience.

If you choose to read or post comments, you agree that you do so at your own risk. 

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