About YOU

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Facts about you that matter

This is what I know about you. These four facts alone mean you can use the information on SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com and learn how to make money working online. (A lot of money, if that’s what you want.)

Fact 1
Because you’re spending time here, I know you:

  1. want (or need) to make more money: and
  2. want (or need) to work online rather than at a (or at a 2nd or 3rd) physical job.

Fact 2
You’re either:

  • (a) new to the idea of making money online (and are, therefore, researching the various ways to do it): or
  • (b) looking for a better way to make money online, because every option you’ve found or tried before now;
    • sounds less appealing than a dead-end physical job: or
    • requires prior education or training you don’t have: or
    • has too steep a learning curve/is too complicated to figure out: or
    • is expensive to start, maintain or expand (or all three): or
    • requires non-cash assets you don’t currently have (storage space or full-time hours for example): or
    • pays only pennies per hour: or
    • pays in non-cash items, such as gift cards or “points”: or
    • resulted in failure.

Fact 3
You understand the English language.

Somehow, you found out about SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com. Since I doubt non-English speakers are giving this blog free publicity by writing about it, chances are high you:

  1. read about SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com in English: and
  2. understood what you read well enough to know you wanted to come to this blog and check it out.

Fact 4
You can get words transferred from your brain to a page.

You’re using the internet. That means, at some point, you’ve typed your own words somewhere on it.

Even a Google search requires you to formulate a thought, then type it onto the search page.

There really are legitimate ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is the easiest to learn and make great money with. Because the four facts above are true about you, you can – fairly easily – learn what affiliate marketing is and how to use it to make a lot of money for yourself and your loved ones.

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Facts about you that DON’T matter

These are the facts I don’t know about you and it doesn’t matter that I don’t know: you can work online at home (or from anywhere with a dependable internet connection) and make money, regardless of;

  • education level
  • experience level
  • previous failures
  • level of wealth
  • employment status
  • employment history
  • age: so long as you are:
    • legally considered an adult: and
    • able to make your own decisions.
      • To protect their privacy, minors and those not legally entitled to make their own decisions are forbidden to use SkinnyWalletFatWallet.com and its services. Terms of Use
  • marital status and family composition
  • support from family and friends
  • societal status
  • internet fame
  • degree of luckiness

To permanently enrich your life, there are three things you must have;

  1. a willingness to learn: and
  2. a willingness to work (Dreams don’t work if you don’t!): and
  3. someone to teach you.

How Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet will help you

Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet will teach you how to become an affiliate marketer and build your own online affiliate marketing business. This blog  focuses on affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is the only method I’ve ever found that nearly anyone can succeed at.

If you’ve been searching for, but failing to find, a genuine way to make money online, your search is over. Welcome home. 😀

Leave me a comment: I’d love to hear from you!

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