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Last Edited / Last Revised on October 29, 2020
In Effect as of November 5, 2020
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Along with “Privacy Policy and Your Privacy Rights”, including the supplemental information provided in: “How We Use Cookies and Similar Technology”, “FTC Compliance Notice”, “Comment Policy & Rules,” and “Copyright Policy & Infringement Claims and Counterclaims”, this “Earnings Disclosure and Disclaimer” is an important part of our Terms of Use and is incorporated by reference.

Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet teaches beginners and others how to make money online (up to and including a full-time income). Here are the three things you need to know, regarding income and Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet.

1. Some of Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet’s content may make the owners of Skinny Wallet Fat Wallet money or benefit us financially in some other way.

This content is always clearly marked so you’ll know if we profit if you take an action we recommend.

2. Examples of when and how much income can be made are for example only.

Examples are clearly marked as examples and do not reflect, guarantee or imply any individual’s actual or potential earnings.

Examples do not reflect, guarantee or imply any individual’s actual or potential earnings timeline.

3. Our earnings

When (if), we discuss our own earnings, know that our earnings are not typical. (It’s very doubtful you’ll do as we did and wait three years to monetize your site, lol).

You may make more, or less, money than we’ve made and you may make it sooner or later than we did.

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